This week I am beyond thrilled that I got to talk with Gabriel Urbina, you might know him from Wolf 359 fame. A show by the way that you need to liste...View Details

My guest this week is my dear friend Josh Monroe. Josh is a whirlwind of talent and one of the best people I know. If you have not already checked out...View Details

This week I sit down the with the man fully responsible for the Inspector Virlo Morten Lee podcast. If you have not already heard this show you need t...View Details

K is amazing, her laugh is infectious and her knowledge on musicals is second to none. As the brains behind Tone Deaf: A Theatre Nerd's Guide For Thei...View Details

Warren is one half of the duo that makes up Tone Deaf: A Theatre Nerd's guide for their musically challenged spouse, he is the spouse in question and ...View Details

META to the max! This episode is a format breaking .. meta good time. Sit back and enjoy.   Kenneth or PRRP can be found at his website: http://prrp.f...View Details

Bob Dale from Twisted Britain.    Will fix this notes later. Sorry this was a fix on some audio issues. 

This episode I got to talk with Mark "Stooch" Restuccia from Best in Galaxy, in what was my first across the pond recording. This episode is a bit lon...View Details

This week I got to set down with one of the amazing people behind the Mission Rejected podcast. J. Michael DeAngelis is not only an amazing writer but...View Details

This episode I was joined by the last but certainly not the least member of The Ladies of Strange. Ashley is a amazing and a dear friend. It was great...View Details

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